Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day One

i know yesterday i was like uber worried, and today going to school, i was still worried. i didn't finish my homework, but i didn't give a shit. i turned in something. today i was in all my classes - well herpfuckingderp cindy, i know just bare with me, it has a point- i have people who i can talk to and make friends with, but then i realized, i act completely different in a school environment, compared to how i act outside of it all. i would probably have more friends if people knew the real me, >implying someone knows the real me, ohme.jpg. i seriously believe this, although i don't know for certain, but i really do not care to try it out. in class i am quiet, reserved, and shy. outside, i am the same somewhat, except i am able to be me. what i'm trying to say here is something, but i just don't know what. FUTURE ME: DO WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT TO DO, DO NOT HOLD BACK! back back to first day, i feel like this is going to be an easy year, yes there will be time where i'll just say kill me now, but i know in the long run, it will be worth it. not much to type about, but it's something

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